Esoteriske studier, Yoga, meditasjon og mer.....

RESET SOUND MEDICINE  JOURNEY ( to datoer er satt opp 7.9 og 6.10 kl 19:00-21:00)

"Reset" Sound Medicine Journey, is a unique chance for you to harmonise your emotional body, balance your chakras, strengthen the power of your kundalini and release attachments to past events and remove toxic waste from your heart and whole energetic system.

Kjell Sandvik will take you through an inner musical journey into your senses by weaving together soundscapes combining strong emotional elements, beautiful music of the heart, shamanic wisdom, ancient instruments combined with modern equipment and innovative techniques.

Grounding you, bringing your spirit, mind and heart into your body Kjell aims for you to reach new and higher levels of self awareness. By creating a space for inner silence, introspection, sensitivity and passion for being alive, Kjell reconnects you to the natural state of you being, eternal Love.  

Kr 300 

Kurs i voksmaling.
13.9 kl 18:30-21:30

Har du lyst til å prøve noe nytt?
Bli med på kurs i voksmaling og lær hvordan du lager bilder med strykejern. På engelsk blir det kalt Encaustic Art,
Du trenger ikke ha gjort noe lignende før, passer for nybegynnere, Jeg holder alt av materialer, du får med deg bildene du lager hjem,
vi bruker et spesial lavtemperatur strykejern og voks maling,
Det er kun plass til 5 stk, så førstemann til mølla,
Det er 12 års aldersgrense,
Pris er kr, 450,. pr person. jeg har kaffe og te og vann,
Del gjerne med familie og venner,

Her på eventet, PLUSS en melding til det blå rommet,
Du er med når jeg har fått melding!
Velkommen skal dere være

VOICE LIBERATION 28.9-29.9 kl 11-18 begge dager.

In this interactive workshop we will work on finding and liberating our voices, removing old blockages and setting free our potent skills of improvisation, creativity and natural joy of life. We will work on the individual voice, the personal melodies and the social awareness of singing in a group, being on of the voices to carry the tribe. Lifting each other up to the next level of freedom and happiness. Through movement, breath work, some theory and release techniques we will dive into the realm of inner peace and happiness, expanded consciousness and boasted self esteem.

Come to surprise yourself with your beautiful voice 🌹

Some Clues:
Intonation, Inner harmonic scale, the kundalini power and self healing teqniques. Our voice, the strongest tool for resolving problems and decease, boost the immunsystem and remove emotional blockages and stuck comfort zones.
Use the voice and your inner scale to harmonise the chakras

Therapy and healing through sound and music is one of the oldest forms of healing on our planet. This cure is the centre of all shamanic healing.
One can compare healing through sound with a deep massage on a molecular level.
Life itself vibrates and pulsates with energy in every atom, molecule and cell. Sound and energy is one of the best water conductors and since our bodies are mostly made of water, we are resonators for sound frequencies and music.

Pris begge dager kr 1200,-
Vips 40 73 52 14 eller kontanter

About the teacher.

Kjell Schibsted Sandvik
Norwegian Shaman, Music Therapist, Composer and Performer

Kjell, born in Bergen 1971 is a special education teacher with life long experience in arts and crafts, music and self-sustainability.�His unique in-depth knowledge of conscious natural living and spiritual awareness includes all aspects from ancient tribal shaman healing techniques, to modern societies advanced technologies and artificial intelligence. In several countries throughout the world, Kjell offers private and group sessions, workshops and lectures in music, composition, musical therapy, musical energy and the healing properties of music and sound frequencies. His seminars and mini lectures offer Insight and deeper awareness, also through personalized couching sessions for adults and kids. Kjell is also a freediving and pranayama instructor, and teaches mind set, breathing, stress release and emotional control techniques.

Kjell grew up in a lively family of renowned professional classical musicians. Dedicated to his musical studies, he made his debut at a young age. As a composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist, his music is marked by the unique combination of sincere poetry, surprising spontaneity and strong healing properties. His inner musical journeys " RESET " is a special shamanic sound therapeutic experience. Kjell Schibsted Sandvik also gives solo guitar recitals, workshops and Master classes in several countries throughout the world. Since December 2012, he has been living and working in Brazil, immersing himself even deeper into his compositions and experiences as a performer. Now returning to Norway!