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Odin Skartveit Hove

I’m Odin. I am soooo passionate about this human experience. About our potential. About who we are, in essence. Meeting heart to heart. I’m passionate about breath. I’m passionate about listening. Listening deep. And I’m passionate about a bunch of other things too - movement, food, sexuality, animals (no correlation there), nature, relationships, music, all kinds of play. I’m very much a multi-person. Multi-passionate. Open. Curious. Present.

But when it comes to my direction in life, what I am here to give to the world - it is all about presence. Essence. Human evolution. Supporting humanity home to heart, to presence, connection, joy. To freedom. To building a new way of life and a new world - one meeting at a time. ❤

I’m an educated cranio-sacral therapist/worker (2 year education). I’m training to be a Breathworker (9 month education). I’ve done courses and workshops for years, and I will keep doing workshops and courses. I have mentors and coaches. I invest my time, energy and money into this work. I’m all in. 

And, I’m very much a human being, like the rest of us. There are so many more sides to myself than I can express in a little text. Both «good» and «bad». Both beautiful and ugly. Both easy and hard. Profound & mundane, Soft and savage. I have my challenges and struggles as do we all - and I am really committed. Devoted. I deeply believe that you can only meet people as deeply as you’ve met yourself - so I make sure to meet myself fucking deeply, on the regular. Haha. With love and compassion for the process and the unfolding that is. And I’m learning that to balance all that time I spend in the depths of being and processing and holding space - it is VITAL that I’m connected to play, to laughter, to lightness. I’m a deep MF and a silly MF. It’s all about balance.

If you’re interested in working with me, I give sessions every Wednesday at Arhat senteret outside of Bergen (Straume /// Sartor Senter). I’ve just started taking paying clients for the first time this august, so in a sense, this is very new to me. Being paid for my work, for my gifts. Giving my gifts however - not very new to me, so you’re in good hands. But I want to be transparent. And vulnerable - opening up to this has been a vulnerable move for me, and continues to be. It is vulnerable work that I do. I want to get as much experience as I can in the coming time, so I’m keeping my prices very affordable and have created a discounted offer as well. These are my current 2 offerings: 

Single session - 750,- NOK, duration 1 - 1,5 hours. 

Package of 3 sessions - 1500,- NOK

The sessions I offer have their foundation in cranio-sacral work (which is bodywork / energywork) , but I am also an intuitive healer- I show up to what is needed, however I can best serve you. Often that looks a combination of working directly with your body, or/as well as conversation, sitting together in silence, breathing together, giving you guidance, or listening to what troubles or excites you - I’m there for all of it, and all of you are welcome.

PS - I’m Norwegian so if the English scares you, no worries - sometimes that’s just how I prefer to express myself. 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here, my inbox is open. Can’t wait to meet you! 

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